We LOVE nuts sooooo much that we wondered why most nut butters use imported nuts and why do they add sugar, salt, palm oil... and lots and lots of other stuff?


So we decided to start squashing our own Australian nuts and make an all natural nut butter. Now, let me tell you we LOVED that. I mean... we really, really LOVED that.


So we continued to press and squash our own nuts and presto... before we knew it we had launched a new nut butter range that's all natural, all Australian and made from nothing but nuts.


All our nut butters are sustainably grown right here in Australia and tenderly squashed by Australians who work for a  100% Australian grown and owned family business.


  • For those that like things a little bit crunchy, this is the peanut butter for you with all Australian peanuts, grown, picked, crushed and packed right here in Australia.